Gym Flooring: Canadian Maple Flooring for Gyms & Sports Flooring

Home Gym Floors

A high-quality home gym floor is crucial when designing a workout space. "It helps to protect the floor underneath, is easy to clean, and dampens the noise of weights hitting the floor.

Our top choice is Traffic Master Shock-Absorbing Foam Gym Floor Tiles, which link together like puzzle pieces and feature a highly durable rubber layer on top.

Keep in mind that most home gym flooring is like the Ford Model T, which came in your choice of colors, as long as your choice was black. You can purchase some flooring in different colors, however.

Rubber Home Gym Flooring

The most popular material for weight rooms and areas where equipment such as treadmills, or weight machines will be utilized is rubber. It is relatively inexpensive very durable, and fairly easy to install.

Rubber provides a durable and long-lasting surface to underneath heavy weight equipment and exercise machines.

For an application where you will have equipment, you may want to consider a plastic option or plyometric rubber both of which provide more fatigue-relief.

Gymnasium Maple Floors

MONDO offers rubber basketball court flooring solutions that are multi-layered to provide uniform response and good shock absorption and energy return for a more comfortable playing experience.

Each layer of our synthetic basketball court flooring is made from vulcanized rubber and has varying degrees of hardness that make it the most durable multipurpose sports flooring option available.

The energy return, grip, and stability provided by these floors will allow athletes to perform at their best.

(Brand: MONDO)

One stop-shop for gyms

We provide a range of sports flooring suitable for large sports arenas, smaller school halls and outdoor sports areas.

We offer FIBA certified and globally recognized Canadian maple Connor sports flooring that meets the highest standards and requirements of international competitions, as well as the Elan Elastan flooring, which is primarily suitable for school use.

In addition to the parquet flooring, we also offer PVC sports flooring Gerflor and modular Sport Court flooring for outdoor and indoor use.

(Brands: Gerflor, Sport Court, Conor, Fiba, Elan Flastan)

Gymnasium Maple Floors

Gymnasium maple hardwood floors are industry standard in sports surfacing due to its resilient nature and attractive appearance. These floors are close-grained, hard-fibered, free from slivering and splintering, and polishes well under friction.

These traits make it the perfect flooring for any type of gym or sports court. Our stores carry the gymnasium maple flooring products that you need for your property. When you choose us for your flooring needs, you can expect:

  • Beautiful Products: We provide the best products from the best brands.

  • Knowledgeable Experts: We can help you find the perfect flooring option for you.

Gym Flooring Material Types